Look your best with Studex

Look your best with Studex.

Just one sparkling ear piercing of yours can make a few heads turn and make the men wonder at your beauty. Studex has a wide range of studs available to suit your liking. A nice piercing can actually boost your confidence to the no limits, because when all eyes are on you, you feel special and more beautiful.  

Piercings for men

The same is the case with men. Piercings for men is becoming more and more popular and is entering the fashion scene with a bang. Studs and piercings reflect your attitude. You can get a cool piercing done and I bet you will get a few glares for sure. You would stand out in the crowd and people are bound to ask you, ”Wow! Where did you get that amazing piercing done?”


There are a wide range of designs that we have with us to choose from. You would never be disappointed and might get confused as to which design to choose because each one of them looks as marvelous as the other. You can get a cool neon stud for your party or a simple one the choice is entirely yours. We have simple designs as well because there is beauty in simplicity as-well.


When we talk about studs and piercings then we not only take care about the designs but also take into account safety and hygiene while doing your piercings. Because getting a piercing done in the right way is extremely important so that it does not result in further complications.

Also we have a brand new collection available at a store near you at Zuni store at R-City. Also if you have not yet registered yourself for the splendid on-going offer that we have for you then please go ahead and register yourself and get a free piercing done before you miss the bus. 

Click here to avail the offer:



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