Valentine’s Day!!!

Studs and Studex – Gift your loved a handmade Stud earring this Valentine’s!

Giving gifts are a perfect and simple example of showing a person, your affection and regard for them. If they like your gift or not, it is sure to bring at least a bleak smile on to the face of the receiver. Spread smiles in this month of love, by gifting your loved one something made by your own hands. We assure you that the effort you put in getting the gift made, would never go in vain. With a number of do-it yourself ideas available over the internet you could browse through anything that is feasible option for you.

 We at Studex have a quiet easy and special gifting idea for you. Gift a stud earring for your loved one. Studs add on to the glamour quotient of a pierced ear! These days men as well as women get their ears pierced. If your loved one has their ears pierced, gifting a handmade stud would be a perfect gift! What’s more it’s cost effective too!

 All that takes to make a stud earring! – The process of making an ear stud is quiet simple. Make some classy stud earrings at home, with the steps that follow. Read on to know how you can make these studs on your own!

 Step 1:

Keeping things handy! – From a craft store, grab the following to make a personalized stud earring for your loved one:

  • Posts,
  • Backings
  • Flat/round – Stones/beads
  • Glue (Waterproof)
  • Sandpaper
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton swab

When you have the above materials with you, you may get down to the task of making a stud earring for your loved one.

Step 2:

Polishing your stud! The first step is to just lightly rub the back of your stud. This would ensure that the glue sticks on to the stud perfectly as it is required. If possible, polish the face of the post as well.

Step 3:

Alcoholic lure! – Take some cotton swabs and dab them up on the surface that were roughened. This will evenly clean the post and the stud properly. It will also ensure that the permanent glue sticks on properly.

Step 4:

Stick it on! –  Finally, all you need to do is to apply the glue on the post as well as the stud and just stick them on! For the glue to last long, you need to adhere properly with the instructions that are given with the glue. Secure the post and the stud as they are required.

With the handmade formulae, you have the power to Style and design the earring as per your wish. By just following the instructions above you have your stud earring ready in about minutes! If like many you are also a last minute gift shopper, you are about to end with crowded shops and less choices to opt for. Let’s be different this Valentine’s day and gift something that is made from our own hands for our loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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