Go Neon this Valentine’s Day!

Go Neon this Valentine’s Day!

No I am not talking about John Mayer’s popular song Neon here. When Valentine’s Day is on its way, let’s sway in the lovely feeling that love endows us with.  How about making a statement with Neon earrings? Neon earrings are in trend this season! Be assured to get noticed with these babies on your ears. Read on for some more insights:

  • The funky look! – Neon earring gives the wearer a sure shot funky look. A look that is youthful and revives the hidden playful nature! Catch the trade winds of the mischievous you that once you were in your yester years with this Neon earrings.


  • A fit in every pocket! – The neon earrings unlike the gold, platinum, silver or diamond earrings are not at all expensive. Reasonably priced, they make way in each pocket which yearns for it. For the careless ones who tend to lose earrings can just be that carefree wearing these beauties.


  • Variety on offer! – You will be surprised of the variety that is on offer. These neon earrings are available in umpteen sizes, shapes and colours! You may even get dices, stars and even mustaches shaped neon earrings for your ears. The colours are also overwhelming, adorn what you think would look best on you.


  • Mix and Match! –Arouse the creativity in you. Get a variety of them, and just mix and match with your wardrobe. Let the kid in you overpower you! 

Since its valentines, how about getting a heart shaped one for your ears. Let the colour correspond with the dress that you will be wearing. We assure you that at Studex, you will get the perfect ear piercing done, with some gleaming and beautiful Neon earrings to choose from. You would not be able to steal a glimpse of you in the mirror adorning these beautiful beauties in your ears, let alone your Valentines attention. 😉


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