Merry Christmas

Christmas Blog
Twinkle All the Way
It ’s the time for holidays, miracles and season’s greetings.
This Christmas, Studex brings you safe and gentle piercing solutions with an incredibly
classy collection of ear piercing studs, along with Medisept that brings you nose studs and
belly piercing jewelry. Studex Piercing System promises superior quality and hygiene that
assures trouble free piercing and after care products that supports a hassle free healing
process. To match your mood of joy, you can choose from the Crystals earring collection.
The pretty and delicate crystals will remind you of the pristine snowflakes that adorn your
Christmas tree. The piercing studs come embedded with colorful glistening crystals that
add to your sparkling personality. Exquisitely designed, the line is made from Gold Plated
and Medical Grade Steel to assure allergy free piercing.

We invite you to try out our exquisite line of piercing jewelry, this season of celebrations.  
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a season filled with joy.
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