Piercings for Men

Traditionally, piercing has always been the woman’s domain. Most women have been getting their ears (and noses) pierced across countries and cultures for centuries now. However, today, in a more liberal world, men are catching up with women in terms of piercing although the common areas pierced are not the same in men and women. Men tend to be more adventurous and have piercings in more unconventional places than women. They also are more likely to get their face pierced than women are. The best piercing spots for men are

Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercing is done anywhere on the eyebrow or around it either vertically or horizontally. It is best to get them done by a professional piercer with the help of a piercing needle only and not a piercing gun. Always try and wear lightweight eyebrow jewellery, the most common ones being eyebrow rings or barbells.


Tongue Piercing

Most tongue piercings belong to guys with very few women getting them pierced. It is done on the tip or the lower part of the tongue. Special care has to be taken during tongue piercing and after care also must be maintained very strictly.

Lip Piercing

There are various types of lip piercings. Labret piercing is the piercing done below the lip also known as goatee piercing when done on guys.  It is in the centre, below the lower lip line where the goatee is usually grown, so only a part of the piercing is visible. When the piercing is above the lip in the centre then it is known as medusa piercing. The labret piercing looks better on most guys hence is more common on them than the medusa piercing.


Septum Piercing

Another facial piercing is the septum piercing. Also known as bull rings, septum piercing is done in the middle of the nose. Here, the septum that separates the two nostrils is pierced. Septum piercing can be painful and is common among both men and women. It can take a long time to heal and must be performed by a professional only

Ear Piercing

It is probably the most common piercing among both men and women. It is one of the easiest methods of body modifications and is the safest one too. It is not frowned upon like a few other piercings, and is widely accepted be it in schools and colleges or at workplace. It has been in practise for many years and is considered a part of many cultures and their rituals. It was probably man’s first attempt at body piercing as it is the easiest and most obvious part to pierce. There are many ways to get your ears pierced. There are simple ones like ear lobe piercings which are more common and ones like stretching and gauging which are rarer because of the risks associated with it.


No matter which part of the body you choose to get pierced always make sure to use jewellery and piercing equipment from a trusted brand. Go to only a reputed piercing salon or artist and use the right aftercare products till the piercing has completely healed.

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