Types of Navel Piercings

Navel Piercing also known as belly button piercing is considered the sexiest piercing of all and looks very sensual on a well-toned stomach.  Navel piercing was said to be prevalent among Egyptian Pharaohs and aristocrats and was a symbol of courage among then.  In present times navel piercing is most common among women, especially among the younger lot. It came back in vogue after the invention of the bikini in the 1950s. Pop singer Madonna further popularized it and model Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell immortalized it on the ramp. They are very popular among teenage girls not just for their appearance but also for the fact that they can be easily concealed with clothes.

The actual navel is not pierced during most kinds of navel piercing and it is actually the skin around the navel that is pierced.  The types of belly piercings are

  • Upper Vertical Navel Piercing

It is the most common form of Navel piercing. It is where the piercing is placed through the upper ridge or rim of the belly button through to the interior of the navel.

  • Vertical Inverse Navel Piercing or Reverse navel Piercing

It is the opposite of the vertical upper navel piercing. It is a piercing placed on the bottom ridge of the navel and goes through the bottom rim to the interior of the navel.

When both the above piercings are performed it is called a Double Navel Piercing.

  • True Navel Piercing

This is performed on people with outie belly buttons that is when the umbilical scar tissue is protruding from the navel. This is the only type of belly button piercing where the actual navel which is the small nub of scar tissue is pierced.

  • Horizontal Navel Piercing

It is usually a form of surface piercing and does not involve passing through the rim into the navel. It is instead a piercing that passes horizontally above or below the navel instead of going through its ridge.

Another form of horizontal piercing which is not surface piercing is when two separate piercings are performed on either sides of the navel passing through its side ridges. These two piercings are usually joined with one long barbell.

  • Multi Navel Piercings

This involves piercing the rim several times. It can be a combination of two or more of the above types of piercings.  One type of multiple navel piercing is the navel industrial, in which a solid or flexible barbell passes through two piercings. Try and give a reasonable gap between each piecing in case of multiple piercings.

These piercings can take up to a year to heal. Standard care for new piercings must be taken during the entire healing process and proper and trusted after care products must be used on it.


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