People choose to get piercings for a variety of reasons. Some do it as a way of maintaining their individuality and choosing to be who they are. For some it is a way of life, an art form in itself and their body is the canvas. Sometimes it’s the society which says piercing is necessary and hence must be done.

This is a practice which has been there for quite some time. There have been historical references to body piercing as well. It has been well documented that Mayans practiced the art of body piercing.

If one wants to go for body piercing it’s important to remember some things. Always go to a professional to get the job done and make sure the instrument being used is sanitized. After getting the piercing follow the instructions that will help prevent any infections or complications. Ear Piercing is the most common type of piercing, but other forms of body piercing are slowly gaining popularity.

Studex, founded in 1970, is a one-stop shop for your body piercing needs. It is also the world’s largest Ear Piercing manufacturer.  For four decades, the Studex name has signified trust and safety in body piercing systems and after care around the world. With 30 offices worldwide, Studex is recognized on six continents as the world’s largest manufacturer of piercing studs, instruments and after care products.

All Studex piercing studs and hypo-allergenic rings are created using US made surgical stainless steel, karat gold, and titanium raw materials. The studs and cartridges used are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed US F.D.A. and EC European standards. Every instrument, piercing stud, and cartridge for all Studex piercing systems is made in Los Angeles, California USA.

When it comes to body piercing machinery and studs/rings there are none better than Studex. The decades of experience and thorough evaluation of each and every product to meet global standards makes Studex the unquestioned leader in this field.

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